Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Therapies so far

Missy is nearly eight now and over the years we have done a variety of therapies to assist in reaching her full potential. We did the usual OT,Physio, Speech Pathology, Hydrotherapy. We tried a second suit with minimal improvement for the difficulties of wearing it, we also tried Botox with nasty side effects, the injections were done in her legs which ended causing excessive rolling of her feet and blistering in any shoes but the scarey part was the effect it had immediately on her eye control. While she had an imminient squint, her eyes turned in dramatically more and more frequently, thank heavens as the botox wore off her eyes improved back to their pre-botox state. So not enough gains to ever take the gamble on botox again. When Missy was 4 years old we had heard about Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation (ABR)and researched it for some time, most important talking to other families about it. We thought that it made perfect sense to work on restoring Missy's muscleskeletal system to improve function, previously attempts had only provided a bandaid solutions to Missy's underlying deficient structure.