Friday, November 16, 2012

Everyone needs a friend to lean on

Missy looks forward to her floor time every night with Taz after dinner. Tonight Taz fell asleep on the floor near Missy while she was crawling around. I heard a thud and turned around to find Missy had fallen down(which she does a bit) but this time onto Taz, exactly where this picture(above) was taken. Taz opened her eyes, looked who it was and went back to sleep... Ain't Love Grand.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Carcoar Cup Running Festival

In it's second year the Carcoar Cup has  doubled in entries and is a great social get together although many people put many hours of training into their run.
Us, well the kids are there to have a bit of fun and run in the Kids Cup. With 62 runners this year, H-Ho came in 39th and left her mother behind at the finish, who was only running the last 500 m with her anyway.
Missy dumped Mum as her running partner this year based on last year's performance - too slow. Dad was the choice this year and he had no worries keeping up with Missy's driving as fast as her chair would go in 4th gear. Missy came in 50th and enjoyed rounding up the kids as they tired towards the end, she gets so excited when she comes around the last bend towards the finish line and the Race Commentator is on the loud speaker saying her name.
Prime News filmed some of the race and if you go the link below you will see Missy coming across the finish line at the end of the video.

Kids Cup Entrants with their finishing medals.