Monday, March 29, 2010

They had to be pink

Recently Missy was prescribed glasses, after seeing an ophthalmologist for 7 years, her intermittent squint was improving, however she now had become a little short sighted over the last 12 months.
With prescription in hand, I knew a visit to choose lens and frame could be interesting. After trying on every pair of kids glasses in the shop, she had choose a pink pair of course, which I think look very pretty.
She has been wearing them well and they are only on for short periods during the day and when she needs to read the whiteboard or watching the TV from a distance.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inclusive Learning Conference - Gold Coast here I come

After attending the Spectronics Conference in 2008 and the fact that Missy will soon be looking to upgrade her current communication device(Dynavox DV4) I was keen to get back to the biannual conference.

The Inclusive Learning Conference(hosted by Spectronics) attracts very highly regarded experts in the field of AAC and it's associated technology, the four days are jammed packed with 7 concurrent sessions running throughtout most of the days, which can actually make it difficult to choose which to attend.

After applying to a couple of service providers for sponsorship to attend the conference, I was successful with a local respite provider who was able to provide the flexibility to change respite to carer education.

Flying and staying with another mum at the venue should make for a great time, while my brain won't get a rest, it will be a break from the day to day rountine of school runs, therapy, homework, cooking and cleaning.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easter ABR

We have a busy Easter ahead of us with the ABR Asia team arriving at Easter for the first ABR clinic of 2010. This clinic will provide us an opportunity to review our soft ball rolling technique that we have been doing on Missy since Nov 09. We were advised the soft ball rolling technique was to be a priority, so with only getting in an hour in per day, there hasn't been much time for the other excercises. Missy continues to wear the machine 6 nights a week. We have seen some further improvements in Missy's balance and increaased definition in her thorax since the last clinic.
So while we are attending the clinic,we will take the kids to Royal Easter Show where we have 7 chooks entered. H-Ho and Missy have already checked out the website to pick some showbags.
So it will be a busy and varied Easter period and are thankful of family and friends who will stay here to look after things.
Some photos show H-Ho technique and when Missy won't let go of her toys to put machine on.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Photos were winners

At Missy's first photographic competition, (our local ag show) she was very sucessful winning the Novice under 12 yrs section and the Novice Portrait section. She was very proud to see her pictures displayed at the show and of course H-Ho to see her face on the wall.
Hoping to encourage her interest by entering in some other shows and maybe she might take up the role of photographer for the newly proposed school newspaper.
Not only Missy's photos were winners but our chooks did very well also with one of our roosters taking out champion of the show.
The girls also enjoyed the cha cha ride, Missy's found the ride and wasn't going to be happy until she got on, despite us telling her watch just how fast it goes(actually that just made her want it more). As we have experienced before the ride operators were very helpful and obiliging, they were so pleased to see her enjoying the ride so much and calling out more as it slowed.
All in all a great day out at the show which was followed up with two of her friends coming over for a birthday sleepover. They had a great time.