Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Sticking to our annual tradition of attending the Sydney Royal Easter Show, we made the trip again.
We stopped over the night before close to the showground, so we could get to the show early in the morning, after a fun filled 10 hour day we drove home. Here are some of the highlights.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Settling into Year 6

Well, Term 1 is getting away from us. Missy has started the school year well with the same male teacher as last year which is huge blessing.With each new teacher in the previous 5 years it's taken a couple of terms for them to get their head around Missy's technology and alternate ways of learning.
So with the same Teacher, Miss H continuing to be Missy's aid and all Year 6 in the one class this year, it's sure to be a great final year at  Primary School. A week long excursion is planned for Term 3 which will be a highlight.
We continue to have meetings at our Local High School to go over property issues that they are working on and technology that needs to be available. Year 6 will have four days of visiting the High School this year which we hope will iron out any issues that may arise next year. We are fortunate to have a great School Counsellor based at the High School who is making the transition planning a  really positive experience.
We've had a numerous trip to Sydney in February for yearly check ups at the CP Clinic - Sydney Children's Hospital, an ABR Clinic at Parramatta, the eye specialist at Epping.
 April will see us go to Sydney again with an overview of Missy's Communication setup, as we are currently trialling an Eco2 device and using two switches in the morning with Missy's feet and the afternoon(when her arms are more free) she uses her hands on two switches or direct touch.
So lots going at the moment and I can't see the year slowing down at all.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thank You Ronald McDonald Family Retreats

In January we travelled to Forster to spend a week at the Ronald McDonald Family Retreat. We rarely take holidays as it's difficult to get away from the farm. Thankfully a friend came to stay and take care of our stock and most importantly Taz's puppy raising family offered to take her back for any holidays.
Ronald McDonald Charities last year offered Starlight families access to their retreats, which I noticed had two locations with wheelchair access, so with many friends who holiday at Forster, we thought we would jump at the chance to try it out.
We weren't disappointed with a fantastic wheelchair accessible cabin right on the marina, easily walking distance to shops, beach wheelchair, parking spots, friendly people, lovely beach and great weather. The day we drove home was when all the rain came up north.
The first night there was tears from Missy about missing Taz but she got pass that until the last day when she couldn't wait to pick her up on the way home.
I'll let the photos tell the story of our fantastic holiday.