Saturday, April 20, 2013

More than a badge.....

Missy showing off her badge
Recently our school decided on Student Representative Council Members for 2013. Each class voted for their own boy and girl representative in a secret ballot after speeches are given. The Objective of the SRC is to help make their school the best it can be, organise events and be available and approachable to other students and take forward their ideas and feedback to and from SRC meetings.

So what a wonderful honour it was for Missy to be voted by her peers to be their representative.

The school had a special Leaders Induction Day recently where School Captions/prefects and SRC Members, took the pledge, were presented to our local Mayor and parents pinned on their child badge in front of the school. It was a lovely morning assembly and I couldn’t but help have a deeper appreciation of just how exciting and rewarding it was, in our quest for an inclusive life for Missy in a Mainstream school.

Mum, Missy and our Mayor at  the SRC Presentation
To be chosen by your peers to be the “go to person” with ideas and be responsible to report back to class, shows their respect and trust. Their choice showed normality and a total disregard for her disability particularly her alternative ways of communicating. Most of the kids have been with Missy for 6 years and she is seen by them as a valued member of the class.

Missy and Miss H
It would seem to be no big deal and of course, Missy should be regarded as a valuable member of her Year but as many families would know attending a mainstream school and striving for an inclusive life can be a very rewarding but sometimes difficult journey.

I’d like to  think it will be her Year 6  peers, who will be the kids who smile and engage with others who have  a disability, show them the same respect and not be one of those kids who trip over while they walk and stare. Those same peers could be future teachers who have an appreciation of accessible curriculum, a store owner who makes their shop accessible and generally have a greater empathy to others.

 Congratulations Missy and well deserved.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Taz's Antics

Taz is such a big part of everyone life particularly Missy. The photos include Taz at the local show in the look alike class
  Taz with ribbons 1st in Best Biscuit Catcher and 2nd Best Dressed (Masterchef Outfit)
 Hanging out at night watching TV while Taz sleeps anywhere she likes

 In the buggy with Missy

Waiting with H-Ho for Missy to come back from sailing

Missy and H-Ho enjoyed watching the Agility trial dogs at the Easter Show and they hope to get Taz involved with something like that.