Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to School

Missy was pleased to be back at school, after a pretty ordinary school holiday break. H-Ho got a chesty cold and then passed it on to Mum and Missy. So combined with the terrible winter weather and Mum being on tissue patrol, it was a long holiday break spent indoors. We did manage to get to the movies once where the kids went their own way, Missy went off to see Karate Kid with Mum and H-Ho to see Marmaduke with Dad. Missy came out the movies practising her Karate chops , she must have looked a sight driving her powerchair out of the dark room, legs going flat out with karate kicks and the left arm swinging around while the right arm drove her chair. What a larikin she is? While H-Ho came out talking about Marmaduke doing a bottom burp in the bed.
We are trialling the Dynavox v-Max at the moment and I'm pretty pleased with it, alot of the little annoying things about the Dynavox Series 4 have been addressed. Anyway I will cover this more in my next post......

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quick catch up

Hi, Been so busy here, my blogging has been lagging.
Now in the full swing of school holidays, the kids are enjoying sleep-ins. We had a recent trip to Sydney for Missy's check up at the CP Clinic, all reports came back very good, Hip x-Ray continue to be stable and she maintains her full range of movements. We are lucky to stay with Aunty H again when we visit Sydney, it makes the trip allot more comfortable.
We won't be attending the ABR Clinic being held in August in Sydney, as we are still going well with the exercises we were given in April.
We have finished the Eco2 trial and should have the Dynavox V-max arriving next week to trial.