Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The New powerchair

The major project of getting Missy a new set of wheels continues.... after months of trials, the application was submitted just before Christmas and to our surprise we recently received notice that approval had been given for the chair and it can be ordered. This is really great news and we appreciate the assistance. But....ENABLE rejected to fund 3 options on the powerchair which we of course thought were important.
I was keen to appeal the decision and along with the wonderful help of our OT at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, I supplied extra background examples of why these options were important to Missy's safety and social independance and we have just heard that they will now fund 2 out of the 3 options previously rejected. Unless these government department get appeals and we emphasis we don't just ask for extra accessories for the hell of it but they have a real purpose and are necessary.
Of course the one option - Vertical Lift- was the most expensive about 3K they won't fund, looks like not being able to see over people, always having to look upto people, can't reach items off benches, can't the reach the door/book from a shelf, can't assist in daily chores is just fine for a 9 year old.
Grrr.... we will find a way and she will get vertical lift on her new chair.

5000 hits

I am amazed to see today Missy's Blog has now had 5000 hits, that 2000 in the last four months. Originally encouraged by the ABR Therapy group to tell our story, it's become so much broader than that. Missy's life is jammed packed not to mention the rest of us.

It's great to share information with others locally and across the world to assist us ensure our kids reach their full potential.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy school life

This School Term has been a busy one. Missy has settled in nicely to her class and her new teacher is jumping on board with Missy's technology and is keen to expand her writing skills.
Recently the school disco was held, always a highlight with Missy, this year her little sister H-Ho could stay the whole night, not just grab a dance at the start. When it was time to pick them up, they were both exhausted, Missy was glowing red from dancing in her walker.
Missy decided to join the School Girls cricket team, along with her best friends. While all facets of the game are challenging for Missy, not to mention some are dangerous, when protective reflexes aren't working so well. Anyway challenging has never stopped her from having a go. The School team played and won their first game last week, with Missy having a go at fielding and being the photographer. Later Missy told me on her Dynavox that the best part was hanging with her friends while the team was batting. It was a wonderful experience for her, to be part of a school sports team, that travelled away . This week will see the team play their second game at home... Good Luck girls.
Another event to squeeze into this term, will be the Athletics Carnival, hope the battery on her powerchair will hold up.

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's all happening

With Missy's Birthday celebrations over, there was the outstanding present that Missy wanted, her ears pierced.
Well last week she had her ears done, I was more nervous than her. Missy was so excited and couldn't drive out of school fast enough to get there (for Missy that is out of character, as usually it's impossible to get her out of school in the afternoons).
We pulled up in the car park, Missy leaned over and opened her door by herself. The lady in Pharmacy who knows our family couldn't believe how excited she was, she talked Missy thru what was going to happen (always a good move) and while counting to three, she fired the gun on one, Missy face first was one of astonishment that she lied and didn't go on three. Tears soon followed and while wiping away the tears she signed, "get the gun and do the other one". Missy wanted it over and done with, as she had lots of kids to show off at school to.
So all done, pretty pink sparkley studs, they look great.
Must the picture up soon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Something a little different...

While I write mostly about Missy's life , a big part of our familiy's lifestyle is the farm we live on and the Murray Grey cattle we bred.
Recently we made a return to the show ring with our cattle and exhibited two young bulls at the Canberra Royal Show. Murray Greys were the feature bred and 150 were presented for judging from a number of states, the biggest showing in the breed for many years.
Our bulls were in the same class 14-16 mths and we received a 2nd and 4th. The handsome boys(including hubby the handler) are shown in the pictures.
The girls and I went down to the show and the girls lasted a 13 hour day at the show with a showbag, rides and scary fireworks to finish off.