Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting started on Missy's Blog

Hoping to share with family, friends and others an insight into our lives and it's highs and lows. Missy was born with the cord around her neck very tightly three times. Showing her gutsy determination from the start she recovered however the oxygen shortage resulted in cerebral palsy.
Missy's gorgeous smile won everyone over quickly and we were given a diagnosis very early on, not really knowing what those labels meant, we steered clear of asking the big questions about Missy's future. We didn't what to hear what the medical professionals really thought because we had own ideas and dreams for Missy. Our lives changed in so many ways and will continue to.
Dream Big


  1. Everything looks great! Hope to read another update soon :)

  2. Your birth story sounds like my daughter's one. Only Abby didnt have the cord wrapped round her neck- we checked. She did lose oxygen during labour unluckily. But she is a very happy 1 year old. She amuses her twin sister and her parents. I feel Abby was brought into this world to teach me the small things DO matter.