Friday, June 11, 2010

Hectic Life continues

Life continues to run at a fast pace since returning home from the Gold Coast. Following that trip I have done two Sydney trips, just quick down and back day trips, to pick up some sale equipment including a neater eater - what's a neater eater? well watch this space i will take some photos of Missy using it and post it very soon.

We are continuing our trial of the Eco2 Communication Device at the moment.

H-Ho has celebrated her Birthday with a friends party, a family dinner and cake at Pre-School.

While the pace of our household picks up, the temperatures we are experiencing are dropping dramatically. Winter has hit with a top today of 5 degrees. Beanies and scarves are standard school uniform around here.

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  1. That's getting very cold, looking forward to seeing the neater eater.