Monday, August 2, 2010

Dynavox V-Max trial

After trialled the Eco2 and now the Dynavox V-Max, I have a clear preference for the Dynavox. Yes it is more familiar to us but allot of the little annoying features of the Dynavox DV4 have been improved on the Dynavox V-Max.
I will attempt to list them;
There is an improvement in the ability to view the screen when outside with the addition of a light ambient sensor on the front.
Speakers are located on the top front part of Dynavox which allows for better projection.
The is a UNDO button, so in our case if the clear button is accidentally pressed after Missy has spent 10 minutes typing up a sentence , it can be retrieved, the undo feature also applies the page editing that you make a mistake with.
It's an integrated computer/Dynavox, hence providing more Independence to send emails, research the web etc.
Now has the option to read E-Books on screen and games.
Improved and more choices of voices.
Has Interaact Pages, so it shows different pictures of situations appear like a doctors waiting room and you press on an area that you want to ask about, ie press the clock and a popup appears with relevant questions about the much longer? So it provides numerous platforms and encouragement to ask the relevant questions to the situation.
We feel at this stage in Missy's literacy development we didn't want to take her over to a Minspeak system that the Eco2 provides along with a few features that I didn't like on the Eco2.
So I guess we will move onto a Dynavox V-max, our Dyanvox DV4 has served Missy well for five years now, allowing opportunities for language development, computer access, social contact, pre-school and school transition and importantly being seen and expected to contribute to conversations and learnig as she has a means of communication and the ability to demonstrate what she thinks is valuable.

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  1. Saw this and thought of Missy but not sure how to just send you a messaage:
    Great about the dynavox!