Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The 2nd Swimming Carnival

Excitement builds quickly when the kids return to school to find out the swimming carnival is on in the second week. Lots of chit chat goes on amongst kids about what races they are going in, and it's no different for Missy.
Missy blog readers may remember the post about her 1st swimming carnival and her participate in the backstroke race. Well this year she promptly told me that she was going in two races, the freestyle and backstroke.
Missy seems to have little regard to how she will actually stay afloat and propel herself along, that is just something that she thinks someone else will work out, while she tries her heart out, has a go alongside her mates, gains points for her house and shares in the excitement and adrenaline of waiting for the gun to go off.

Our wonderful Aide Miss H went in the water with Missy, who competed in the freestyle race in a wetsuit and then did the backstroke with her neck float on. Missy wasn't happy to start at the 15metres to the finish, like last year and insisted on starting up at the blocks. Missy had only just started her race and the whole school was chanting her name.
Missy has advised me that next year she is going to be in three races... there is no end to the height,she sets the bar for herself.

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