Saturday, August 20, 2011

Excursion on the horizon

Another 3 day excursion is planned for Year 3/4 next term and Missy is pretty excited after last years excursion was such a hit.
This year they are going to a Sport & Recreation Camp at a Lake only about an hour away.
The school has booked the trailer again to carry Kirrily's powerchair and equipment and her teacher and I are going to visit the site to check out the finer details.
As usual nothing happens without plenty of planning, so Missy can just get on that bus and have a go at everything her peers do.


  1. sounds wonderful for Missy and heaps of organisation from Mum! Our grade 3's went to camp last week and I lost my breath a few times thinking of Cooper going off in 3 years time! ;)

  2. Have fun Missy your BFF says hi xxx