Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm back

Apologies it been a while since I blogged.
My computer crashed and was away for a while getting fixed, luckily all my information was saved.
We have had numerous appointments at home with the wheelchair technician to finalised Missy's new powerchair and it's still not finished. It will be great when it's finished and as we finalising the infrared, bluetooth capabilities and a few other bits and pieces, at least she is driving it and it is now going to school.
The kids think it's great how it goes up and down and the colour is very cool. So far we have the infrared control working the TV operated by the joystick and once we get a bluetooth adaptor for the Dynavox, the wheelchair joystick can control the Dynavox also.
Stayed tuned I still need to blog about the school excursion, the Carcoar Cup, Persuasive talk competition and a few other events.

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  1. the chair is fantastic, classic example at school on Friday the teacher vs year six water fight everyone crowded around, no problems with Missy seeing, as she selected vertical lift on her chair she was taller than most of the other children and maybe some adults lol