Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Putting some wheels into the Running Festival

There was much publicity and talk about the local village holding it's inaugural Running Festival. Missy had been talking about the Kids Cup Running race for months and that she was going in it along with H-Ho.
So with anything the planning started, checked with organiser about Missy participating - they were excited about her joining in, checked the course - should be accessible. Unfortunately one thing I forgot to check was if I(mum) could run the 1.8klm length of the race with her, we looked confident as Missy took off at the start in 4th gear on the new powerchair, we got to half way and mum was fading. Dad and H-Ho were in front of us and it didn't matter to Missy that she was at the back , she stayed focused on her driving and came home to great applause.
Great effort from my girls.

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