Friday, March 16, 2012

10th Birthday Celebrations

So much to catch up on this blog...

Back in February Missy celebrated her 10th Birthday, when I asked her what she would like for her Birthday, her reply was a "sleep over" no presents just a sleep over "yep" she said. She has never been a greedy kid or asks for lots of things.

So Missy had the difficult decision of picking just two friends for the sleep over. The excitement was building the days before and finally the night came, the evening was full of fun times, makeovers on each other, hairdo's , nail polish painting which had various effects with Missy landing more polish on her friends hands than nails, not that it worried them. Dinner and cake were devoured and time for a late night movie, followed by lots of giggling and then a little bit of sleep.

The morning bought more giggling, breakfast, tennis and motorbike rides.
Missy had a wonderful birthday, full of good food, goood times and good friends.

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