Thursday, May 31, 2012

Athletics Carnival

Another fine day with a crisp wind was the order of the day for our School Carnival. I have never been to other school carnivals but I'm always impressed by the friendship and support given to all athletes by their peers at our school. There is continued encouragement given to the stars of the athletic track but more importantly the kids struggling to finish their race, with older kids running on the track to encourage the younger kids who find out it's a long way around the oval when others have left you behind.
My kids love competing in the carnival, Missy particularly like the running races which she drives her chair in. This year Missy went in the 100m, 200, 800m races. She sits excitedly with her hand struggling to hold on to the joystick and waiting for her startle reflex to go off when the starter's gun goes. After that Missy will shove her joystick with her hardest pressure to ensure maximum speed in Gear 4, she will have total concentration but still smiling, when races get close Missy will start to move her legs in a running movement  to assist the chair in top speed.
H-Ho also had a great day, running in the 50m, 400m, and being picked for house team relay.
Everyone had a great day and my kids look forward to hearing  if their yellow house were the Carnival winners.


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