Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to school

July has brought us some sickness with the kids having 3 week break instead of 2 and it continues with other family members with a persistent cough in our house. Missy couldn't wait to get back to school and spend time with her friends. In the holidays she had a great day out with three friends shopping, she came home with a new wardrobe , no money left but they are planning on a shopping trip each school holidays. On return to school the girls soccer team was announced and unfortunately Missy didn't make the team which she was cranky about but took it in her stride and will continue to trying out for sporting teams. In regards to the previous post about Missy's arms she continues to improve with the use of her hands and this week has done some much improved handwriting, which she is very excited about, it is that one skill that she has never given up on and it's great to see her reap some rewards.

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