Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh it's been so long

Sorry I haven't posted for so long, life gets in the way of writing sometimes.
Well back into Term 3 for school in a big Year for Missy. Term 4 will bring the excitement of a week long excursion and many end of Primary school events. Transition Planning is going well for High School so far with two lifts installed, ramps and door way widen, science lab tables and parking sorted, just getting the plans for the bathroom renovations finalised to hopefully be carried out in  he Christmas holidays .
The last couple of months has seen us trialing many pieces of equipment that are needed over the next 6 months,  ie. manual chair outgrown, shower chair outgrown, toilet chair unsuitable and upgrade of communication device. They all seem to come at once with Missy continuing to be healthy and growing out of equipment every few years.
A Morning cuddle with Taz

School Anzac March

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