Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Switch, Switch, Click = photos

HI Everyone
Been hectic here, what's new. Missy is settling into school well.
Recently we have trialled a switch accessible camera, which basically uses a digital camera which is now mounted on her table where her drinker usually is. An infrared signal is sent from the camera to a small box interface that sits on her tray also with two switches, one switch controls the zoom while the other takes the photos. The size and style of the button switches makes pressing achievable for Missy.
So while the camera is mounted on the powerchair anything is a target for Missy to snap pictures of, including my backside. Thankfully having a little Sister H-Ho who is happy to pose for the camera it is providing a co-operative subject.
Being impressed with some of her photos she has entered some in our local Ag show this weekend in the Junior section. See photo on right.
With Missy's Birthday in two days, she is very excited and when I asked her what she wanted for her Birthday all she wanted was her friends over for a sleep over. She has never been a greedy kid, just loves to be around her friends.


  1. What a great photo Missy, good luck in the local show, had fun snapping more photos

  2. great photo Missy - beautiful subject (that's H-Ho)

    Good luck in the competition.

  3. What a fantastic hobby! Love the camera and the pics. Yay for digital photography. It's wonderful to be able to easily delete photos of bottoms and other such things rather than paying for these photos to be developed as in the old days ;-)