Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Photos were winners

At Missy's first photographic competition, (our local ag show) she was very sucessful winning the Novice under 12 yrs section and the Novice Portrait section. She was very proud to see her pictures displayed at the show and of course H-Ho to see her face on the wall.
Hoping to encourage her interest by entering in some other shows and maybe she might take up the role of photographer for the newly proposed school newspaper.
Not only Missy's photos were winners but our chooks did very well also with one of our roosters taking out champion of the show.
The girls also enjoyed the cha cha ride, Missy's found the ride and wasn't going to be happy until she got on, despite us telling her watch just how fast it goes(actually that just made her want it more). As we have experienced before the ride operators were very helpful and obiliging, they were so pleased to see her enjoying the ride so much and calling out more as it slowed.
All in all a great day out at the show which was followed up with two of her friends coming over for a birthday sleepover. They had a great time.


  1. Huge congrats to the artful budding photographer! And the gorgeous model too! It's a great idea - may I ask where does one get hold of a switch accessible camera?

  2. Missy has no fear, something for all of us to take on board through our lives. The show was a great success well done to all XOX

  3. Jenny- We are so proud of Missy ! and your chook! The photo's are just beautiful as is the subject- she is so grown up now!
    I would love to join Missy for a photo session one day. Cooper also loves taking pictures mostly of peoples feet and the tv! lol
    Bron xoxox