Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home from our 10th ABR Clinic

10 Clinics - where has that time gone when nearly 4 years we flew to Singapore to meet Leonid and start our ABR journey to endeavour to improve Missy's physical capabilities with our long term vision for Missy to lead an independent life.

We must be up to about 12,000 ABR hours by now with still a steady flow of improvements in Missy. We still hire the machine also.

The latest clinic was held at Eastern Creek at the Chifley, the new location suited us well, nice place with good accessibility, helpful staff and it was great to have a conference room for the Clinic, I think it must be the first clinic when everyone could fit their wheelchairs into the room and not left out in the hallway for hotel guests to maneuver around.

Missy handled the hands on assessment very well this time, no tears. We had improvements in her sitting platform, her ability to weight bear thru elbows, gait and vertebral column. We were given a comparison file showing different positions from 2006 alongside 2010 photos which were really interesting, reminding us just how far we have come.

Workshop and training allowed us to revisit our technique and of course it needed brushing up. We were then given our new exercises, our priority is Missy's shoulders which can really inhibit so many day to day tasks. Once the shoulder girdle is stabilised there is a cascade effect down the arm to improve function of the elbow and hand. We were also given the Supercharge exercises(that's the one with me sitting on Missy) which also needs to be done daily.

So as usual, now that we home, we are playing with positions and times of the day when the exercises can be fit in without taking away fun time. Currently getting close two hours a day done but that's just because it's holidays. Just need to have a 28 hour day when Missy's goes back to school to keep it up.



  1. I can see the improvement it's wonderful, especially the smile when Miss got herself off the lounge all by herself. Luv to see the files, sorry we didn't get time xox

  2. I am so glad that someone else finds it a struggle to fit it all in. The last few days just feel like I am ABR-ing ALL day.