Monday, March 29, 2010

They had to be pink

Recently Missy was prescribed glasses, after seeing an ophthalmologist for 7 years, her intermittent squint was improving, however she now had become a little short sighted over the last 12 months.
With prescription in hand, I knew a visit to choose lens and frame could be interesting. After trying on every pair of kids glasses in the shop, she had choose a pink pair of course, which I think look very pretty.
She has been wearing them well and they are only on for short periods during the day and when she needs to read the whiteboard or watching the TV from a distance.


  1. Missy your glasses look great , love the colour Xox

  2. Missy looks great with glasses! I hope you enjoy them! :) You're very much in fashion right now!

  3. The glasses are beautiful and so is Missy. I had to wear glasses from the age of 5 because of short sightedness. This was at a time where there were only standard gold frames with coke bottle lenses. I didn't look half as cute as Missy :-)