Monday, May 17, 2010

Big effort in Naplan

Planning started long before the Naplan tests that filled last week.
Missy could have easily received an exemption from sitting the Naplan but.... never one to shy away from a challenge we forged ahead. Missy attends a mainstream school to experience all the regular activities that her peers undertake and the expectation from us and particularly Missy is that she will part-take in everything.
Our school Principal, school admin, teachers and Miss H (Teachers Aide) have supported us all the way with providing Missy with a inclusive platform where the tests are accessible and the test environment is conducive in allowing Missy's to show her potential, while maintaining a positive self esteem.
DET took a giant step forward by providing the Naplan test in PDF format and allowing it to be interactive. An interactive system that is familiar and accessible to Missy. Miss H had thought of everything as usual and put a great deal of effort into the preparation which we appreciated.
Of course Missy never lets anyone down with her efforts,and with her first real test experience she tackled and attempted every question.
So with that behind us, the results are not a priority, as our weekly correspondence with her teacher and aide provide more relevant and uptodate information.
We were really pleased with her effort and the fact she finished the days with her mates being able to share in the similar experiences is really important.

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