Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cross Country Course Conquered

This week saw our school hold it's Cross Country Carnival,in a local national park. This was our first experience as Missy has now turned 8. The school didn't bother asking if Missy would like to go, they knew the answer to that.... she will be there!!!! The question was how could Missy have an inclusion experience when her mates would be running across and down hills over the banks of dams and up a hill called heartbreak hill.
I suggested maybe she would like to be the photographer for the carnival, well that met with a luke warm response, and we concluded that will have to see the course.
Upon arriving, she was quick to get in class lines and head off to walk the course... hey!!! better take your anchor man.....DAD. I didn't want to look as I'm a bit parniod about tipping the chair and stayed behind with H-Ho.

Well.... they made it back in one piece from the look and see, not without Dad swinging off the back of the chair to stabilise it. They was times she had fears about driving but she persisted knowing Dad was there.

Anyway hoping now that she had seen the course, she would take up the option of taking the photos...well this time it met with a have to be joking mum, I'm racing.
So off to the starting line she went, poised for the start, edging on the line, the 8 and 9 yrs girls were off. Within 200 metres they were out of sight heading down the hill, it didn't deter Missy she just keep driving with all of us in tow, Mum, Dad, H-Ho and Miss H.
We made it to the bottom of the hill - what a relief! now up the next hill. Missy steps up to 4th gear and H-Ho strides out with her and well, Mum is huffing and puffing, falling further behind. As we head up the hill the older kids who started later are making their way pass Missy offering words of encouragement thru their breathlessness "Keep going Missy" You are doing really well" "Way to go" and like all the kids crossing the finish line Missy and Heidi were cheered by their mates for conquering the course.
Oh! the joys it brought Missy to complete the course and just being part of what everyone else does, she expects nothing less and deserves nothing less.


  1. Jen, You have the most amazing family you will conquer anything in life

  2. I am so proud of you Missy! It is amazing the kind of support your school and school mates provide for Missy :) Your whole family is very lucky!

  3. This is my favourite story, I just love it, u are a great writer. Missy always inspires me to smile every day .