Sunday, September 12, 2010

No Flies on Missy

Last week I arrived to pick up Missy from school when Miss H asked me to stick my head in the classroom. The kids were working on their Father's Day card, which was in a set format that they coloured in, while I watched from the door, with the kids backs to me I could see Missy was intently colouring in her card, signing to her friends the colour that she would like next, they then would passed to her in a way she could grasp the pencil and just get back to their own card - very little words spoken just a simple understanding of gestures signalling wants and appeciation.

The kids had to fill in a special coupon for their Father to use, as I quickly scanned some cards of the kids they had included coupons for making cups of Coffee and no nagging for a day. Missy had her own ideas of course(see card) and obviously thought the best gift would involve something that makes her really happy also.....well while her idea seemed self consumed, nothing would make Dad's Day more special than having Missy smiling and enjoying life.

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