Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kermit is in use

Opps.. it been a while since I blogged, been a bit busy - believe or not?
Kermit is Missy's new (well second hand but was still new- confused?) Dynavox V-max, it is a bright green colour hence the name. We managed to get it from a USA family who unfortunately their elderly mother passed away before getting to use it. So it actually brand new but a fraction of the price.
In the USA their medicare system puts a high priority on the value of speech and funds speech generating device. If only our broken disability system could see the value and life changing options available to people when they have the opportunity to speak. After our government telling us when Missy was three that a communication device was not a priority and our recent approach to the government thru our therapist meet with a "get in the long queue behind people who have been waiting for a wheelchair for more than 12months" NSW is in poor shape, compared to other states who give families $7000 towards communication devices.
Anyway back to the positives, Kermit is up and running and as I have blogged before we are enjoying some of the improved features. DET were kind enough to fund a 40 hole new style keyguard which is working well- considering I saved the government potentially funding a $14,000 V-Max thats the least they could do. I have been busily programming and trying to incorporate some of the new setups with some familiar pages that have I imported from the DV4. I am yet to master the E-Books and need to personalise some the InterAACT pages to our situations, no doubt we will get there.
So when Missy returns to School Monday week, she will be accompanied by Kermit.

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  1. Yay! You and Kermit are gonna be the coolest kids on the block! Love feel good stories.....