Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still Van Hunting

Since the news from our insurance company that they wish to write our MB Vito Van off, we have been researching far and wide for a new vehicle. We are unable to get one like we had and have decided to try some new things while the unfortunate opportunities arise.
We haven't been able to find anything suitable that is already setup with wheelchair accessibility, so we heading towards a VW transporter LWB with a mid roof height this time, and looking to have the conversion done to our preferences. We think we may have found a suitable second hand vehicle and the converters will have to line the interior, put windows in, wheelchair grade flooring and tie downs, 4 single seats,some air in the back and a hoist or fold down ramp. Waiting on quotes for the conversion, but I'm guessing about 20K.
Hopefully we can get back to something with similar practicability to our Vito.

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  1. We are not to far away from upgrading our vehicle for Harri. We have taken interest in a new people mover on the market from Hyundai. It is called " iMax " , it is very square looking and is probably a factory variation of their commercial vehicle, "iLoad", in fact purchasing the iLoad may be cheaper by about $6000. The list price brand new is $30K for a petrol model.

    It is only a 4 cylinder, but you can get it in diesel, but that is about 4-5 K more expensive.

    Good luck on your search anyway. Regards Matt