Monday, January 3, 2011

Luck has got to change

HI All
Happy New Year to everyone and hope it will be a fantastic one.
Our recent week hasn't been so good, starting Christmas Eve with Missy's Powerchair charger blowing up, followed by 4 inches of rain on our hay, Christmas night due to be baled on Boxing Day. Boxing Day bought some localised flooding and our wheelchair accessible van got water damage to the engine and is now off the road. All this happens when everything is shutdown. Following this Missy's and H-Ho favourite pet chook died.

Anyway we are hoping for brighter start to the new year then the end of 2010.

I'll be back soon with some wonderful words from the ABR founder of Leonid Blyum - The Optimism Advantage

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  1. Oh wow. That's a heck of a lot of bad luck! I hope that's your bad luck quota for 2011 over and down with.

    Happy New Year (and I hope the rain has stopped in your corner of the world!).