Monday, March 14, 2011

It's all happening

With Missy's Birthday celebrations over, there was the outstanding present that Missy wanted, her ears pierced.
Well last week she had her ears done, I was more nervous than her. Missy was so excited and couldn't drive out of school fast enough to get there (for Missy that is out of character, as usually it's impossible to get her out of school in the afternoons).
We pulled up in the car park, Missy leaned over and opened her door by herself. The lady in Pharmacy who knows our family couldn't believe how excited she was, she talked Missy thru what was going to happen (always a good move) and while counting to three, she fired the gun on one, Missy face first was one of astonishment that she lied and didn't go on three. Tears soon followed and while wiping away the tears she signed, "get the gun and do the other one". Missy wanted it over and done with, as she had lots of kids to show off at school to.
So all done, pretty pink sparkley studs, they look great.
Must the picture up soon.

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