Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Sis - H-Ho turns 6

H-Ho is growing up so fast and got a pony for her birthday. It was her last Christmas wish but Santa had trouble finding one suitable.
So "Sonny" has come to us from Taragla and is 11h gelding about 12 years old. We are guessing he is a Welsh x Shetland pony and is very quiet. The kids are really enjoying him riding each weekend. We are still very much learning about horses again as we were kids when we last had anything to do with horses.
H-Ho has started riding lessons and we will see how she goes.
At least Sonny has come from a similar climate as we have had a substantial snowfall since his arrival, while he has a great winter coat we have made him a stable.
H-Ho had small family gathering as we have the every second year rule for parties in our house.

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