Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jump rope for Heart

Each year Missy's school gets behind the Heart Foundation fundraising by getting sponsorship for skipping and holding a Skipathon. Some kids form small groups to enter the Talent Quest and each Year have a Jump Off or jump to you drop competition.
All the kids are so into skipping and their combined display is great to watch. Of course Missy wouldn't me left out of anything and with her mates they entered the Talent Quest(see photos). She also went in the "jump until you drop" for Year 4 , her excitement about competing is evident by her face that lights up and the extension of her arms and legs as she tries to move fast to drive her chair to be transferred.
Her efforts in the Talent Quest with her mates is cheered on by the whole school with great enthusiasm and it wouldn't be possible without Miss H getting in and having a go with her. As each year passes, Missy is getting taller which is helpful for jumping but also heavier, not so helpful.
Some photos show Missy skipping so hard she threw a shoe off and Miss H going the extra mile as she always does.

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