Monday, July 11, 2011

ABR Clinic in August

We will be attending another ABR Clinic in Sydney during August. After our last clinic in Nov 2010 we weren't planning to attend another until Nov 2011.
There has been some new ABR techniques added that have been proven to show great results. This is the greatest technical breakthrough that Leonid and his team have seen for the last ten years.
Leonid posted his blog about the egg and the pelvis transformation – which is of course fantastic to listen to: the egg and the new ball rolling techniques are bringing a lot of very fast changes.
Even though our ABR hours are not fantastic, we may as well be using the most improved effective techniques with our time.
We have just completed our home video to send to Singapore and look forward to catching up with other families, Sarah and Jensen from ABR Asia at Sydney.


  1. Just as a note, we are in the US and have been using the egg rolling for a month. We have seen changes in Adam's pelvis and sacro-illiac areas where we have focused the work is a great development! It's a very exciting development as we have been involved with ABR for 8 years now...very happy!

  2. Yay! Can't wait to see you guys there. I'm intrigued about this new technique too!