Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Miley comes to Sydney

The fun hasn't stopped lately with our family going to the Miley Cyrus Concert last month. We were fortunate enough to have our local service provider financially assist us to attend the concert.
As with every outing lots of planning is involved, right from the start we hit obstacles with seating and being told we could only have one person sit with Missy and the other two in separate seating. So we told them that's not fair and not acceptable, and ended up been given two lots of two seats directly in front of each other...Ok
Off we headed for the 4 hour trip to Sydney in the truck(with the manual chair on the back) because our van won't fit in the car park. The girls listen to Miley the whole trip and had many of the songs memorized, as we entered the car park, Missy's excitement was boiling over and I think H-Ho couldn't believe the amount of people in one spot.
So after queueing at the merchandise store, the kids got their requests, H-HO a t-shirt and Missy a hat. Into find our seats and disappointment took over as Missy took her spot which was on a balcony with horizontal bars(who thought that was good idea doesn't use a wheelchair and hasn't tried to look under or stretch over a bar for 2 hours to see) and the other two seats which were suppose to be in front were not, so we called the supervisor. A very empathetic supervisor listened to our disappointment about we expected and this was not suitable, he quickly found other seats that were together and actually very close compared to where we were.
Settling into our new spacious seats, Missy was waving off the support singer to get Miley on. Missy didn't have to wait long and Miley was on stage,I don't think the girls could believe it but it didn't take them long to get up and dance. Missy stood up to dance, but also danced on my lap and in her chair, waving her arm and legs wildly while belting out the vocals.
Miley sang for 1 hour and 20 minutes and then said good-bye but with encouragement from the crowd, especially my girls she came back on to sing 3 great songs.
We all had a wonderful night and a night the girls will long remember.

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  1. What a good time. So glad you were able to get your seats moved. You're right whoever designs that stuff doesn't actually think about it.