Friday, January 29, 2010

Back to school

Missy was eager to return to school this week. She couldn't wait to hook back up with lots of her friends. Missy entered Year 3 this year and is actually in composite class 3/4 which meant that the majority of the kids haven't been in a class with Missy before.
Knowing this prior to starting,it had made me a little anxious as the skills kids learn from being in Missy class in prior years makes transition smooth. Missy and I discussed maybe we could make a powerpoint presentation about herself to assist many of the new kids. Missy was keen, loving powerpoint presentation choose the things she wanted to share with the class.
Missy was keen to go out the front and use her Dynavox to explain each slide. We made sure the children got to learn about Missy's likes - loud music, dancing and riding fast motorbikes (Photos and sound effects included)she also spoke about the Dynavox, powerchair and a bit about cerebral palsy and how it makes using her muscles tricky. I attended the presentation which we watered down to be her news for the week.
Wondering what sort of questions the kids might throw her way... well they couldn't care less about the CP and muscles part just questions about... How fast can your chair go and have you had any crashes? how many pages on the Dynavox? How does it control the TV? Cool....
So after hearing what interests them and watching the kids leave the classroom on the first day practicing the sign for thank you, I think we have another batch of adaptable kids who once they get used to Missy's parapheralia she will just be another kid in the class.


  1. That's so fantastic! What a great group of kids and what a great idea. I can't wait for S to get his Dynovox. They really do open doors of communication! I have added you to my blog roll. Looking forward to reading more ;-).

  2. It works doesn't it J? Don't worry about the adults - just keep educating kids by including Missy in their ordinary lives. I am positive that just "doing it" will lead to sustainable ordinary inclusion by the time our kids are running the world. And in the meantime I am learning a lot about cricket ... No-one batted an eyelid at S charging up and down the wicket in the black machine.

  3. Jen, great great news! I love how kids are just so real and interested in the speed of a chair rather than the medical stuff!! love it! Bron

  4. Hahaha! The powerpoint was a great idea! I hope school goes well for Missy!! :D

  5. What a wonderful start , looks like Missy is in for a year with lots of fun :-]