Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eating & Drinking Independantly

The smile says it all - I can do it myself.
For some time now we have been looking at ways to allow Missy more independence while eating and drinking, reducing the time an adult has to hang around. I had the idea of a goose neck style attachment-easily moved by Missy but strong enough to stay up with a sandwich and drink holder on the end but how could I make my idea come together. TAD(Technical Aid for the Disabled) was my answer and with a call to our local TAD volunteer, Richard the idea was certainly possible. Richard has helped us out before with Missy's bed and 2 bikes and is one of the number of TAD volunteers, who as retired tradesmen and professionals donate their time and expertise to create customised projects to assist people in their everyday life.
The stand and goose necks were purchased from a music shop for about $15 and Richard made the screw on adaption and created the plastic moulds for the drink and sandwich holder. We have two stands -one on each wheelchair table and then we screw on the self feeder head. We are now working on a longer goose neck with an adaption for a camera on the end, she could then be a roving photographer.

Missy has already been warned that I may have to book her if she keeps drinking and driving around the house.

These little steps towards independence have a huge effect on Missy's life, it's great for her self confidence, she can just sit and eat and drink at her own pace with her peers(they actually adjust the sandwich as she eats it).

Thanks again Richard, you are a gem!!!!


  1. great to find you blogging and so lovely to be updated on Missy! I think of her often :) have you got some pics of the feeding design? would love to see!
    Love to you and the family.

    BRon xo

  2. oh my computer is so slow! love the pic! bron

  3. From Bec ..........Fantastic blogspot!!! Missy's journey will continue to inspire & I look forward to following on this blogspot!! I have no doubt we'll continue to read about the successes of Missy well into her future!!! I just don't know about the ''fast motorbikes''!!!

  4. Hahaha! I love it!