Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Diving into ABR

After visiting a Cp rehab Specialist when Missy's was about 4yrs and being told to get Missy a power wheelchair and not to do ABR. We felt that was not a rehab plan for our daughter who had loads of potential,this narrow mindedness cemented our decision to give ABR Therapy a go. We had done the research, thought we could fit it into our life, it didn't involve irreversible surgery -just money and a lot of time.

So in July 2006 we booked out flights and accommodation to Singapore to meet Leonid Blyum(ABR Founder)and receive personalised training in rebuilding Missy's muscleskeletal system. What was I thinking........ leaving our freezing winter to go hot sticky Singapore with a husband who has a fear of flying and Missy's who couldn't stand anyone slightly medical related looking at her, not mention her fear of Asian looking people(since her rehab doctor was of that appearance). Sucker for punishment!!! Anyway the planning paid off and everything ran smoothly and Missy screamed(it was always going to happen) throughout the hands on assessment with Leonid, thanks heavens he has a loud voice, so we could hear him on the video. Since then we have returned to Singapore twice and attended a number of ABR Satellite Clinics in NSW. We no longer need to travel to Singapore YAY!!!!!!!

We have seen very positive results from ABR and the mainstream professionals now just watch on from the sidelines. WE do manual ABR every day and Missy wears the ABR machine every night. So over the 3.5 years of ABR so far Missy has received a total 10,500 hours. ABR can produce permanent spontaneous function improvement as the structure is improved.
ABR is certainly not a therapy to enter into lightly, it takes a lot of money to attend clinics and but most importantly it takes a lot of dedication and time to do the manual ABR on a not always co-operative child at the end of the day when that child has needed your assistance with everything. To make it work both my husband and I had to fully support the Therapy choice and give Missy and ABR the best chance possible. We are pleased with the sacrifice made for ABR, as Missy gaining the ability to sit independently and crawl has been life changing for her. We look forward to further gains.

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  1. Hi! We do ABR in States (Canada once) and we love it too. We would like to avoid ALL surgery and that is our main goal. Like you guys, we have to brave our fear of flying to get started, it has been SO worth it.