Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santas coming to town...

The above photo is taken at a work party where a Santa visits the kids to throw lollies and hand out presents. This Santa has seen Missy over the years, crying and basically being terrified of him with just a little improvement each year. We were asked my a good friend of Santas, that Santa wanted a photo taken with Missy this year. We asked Missy and with some reservations she agreed.
H-Ho was also very excited and shortly after Santa got off the Fire engine truck we were lucky to have the our local paper's photographer on hand to take this happy snap.
By the end of the event, Missy was driving off to the fire truck wildly waving goodbye.
At last, she has been keen to see Santa at every occasion since then including Missy & H-Ho talking about sleeping on the lounge Christmas eve to catch a glimpse of Santa.

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