Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Class 3/4 S - Top Ten

In Missy's class during the last week of school, the teacher gave the kids a survey, they were asked to write down the top ten things learnt this year. All the results were collated together and out come the top ten, I wasn't really surprised to hear that learning sign language rated in the top ten.
So a group of 8-10yr girls and boys think that learning sign language was pretty cool, an excellent example of how willing kids are to learn from others, and most importantly learn there is more than one way to communicate.
You never know but some of these kids might go on to be sign language teachers, translators or just give the next person they meet with communication difficulties, the respect they deserve.
Pictures show Missy's sign for "Oh-No" and "girl", these signs form part of a chart that hangs in each classroom, so kids/tachers can refer to it.

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  1. Hi Missy's mum: I loved this post. I'm Alejandra, from Argentina (
    Here we are fighting for integration in education, but we are very far from achieving anything yet.
    May I translate your post to share it in my blog?