Thursday, September 1, 2011

A dog for Missy

Back in June we filled in an application for Missy to get a Pets as Therapy Dog from the Guide Dogs NSW.
Last week we had the interview at our house with a representative from the Guide Dogs NSW where we talked over the most suitable dog for Missy. So now Missy is official on the waiting list for a Labrador or Labrador/Retriever which could still take up to 12 months. We decided to go with a bigger dog that Missy could independently pat from her wheelchair and it would be easier to see while she drives around the house and outdoors. It will be lovely to see Missy have a pet that she can interact with independently.
It is a wonderful program the Guide Dogs NSW offer to people who can benefit from a real companion pet that is matched/trained to their need. Guide Dogs that don't quite suit the life of a guide dog are offered in the Pets as Therapy program where they can still offer so much companionship.
So we are very excited to be given the approval and now wait patiently for a dog to be matched to us.

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  1. Hoping that dogs help much for her condition. I also love dogs. Same as Missy. Get will soon baby.