Sunday, September 25, 2011

Home from a long day at the CP Clinic

We travelled to Sydney for our yearly check up at the CP Clinic recently. Missy's hip x-rays we good and there has been no real change in them for the last three years, which is great. We caught up with the Physio, OT, Physchologist and Rehab Doctor all in one long day 9.30-4.30 in appointments and then it took 4.5 hours to drive home. As we have most projects under control or in action locally, the allied therapists just check up with us and take video of Kirrily's progress, which her walking seems more controlled and her writing at school is really improving. Writing and drawing is an area that Missy is very passionate about, she can spend hours practicing and over the years she has never given up on achieving the skill of writing. The Doctor has requested some blood tests and we asked what else we can do to assist Missy's physical development besides our ABR Therapy . We discussed Stem cell Therapy and Deep Brain Stimulation and have a referral to another group of movement disorder specialists.

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