Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easter ABR

We have a busy Easter ahead of us with the ABR Asia team arriving at Easter for the first ABR clinic of 2010. This clinic will provide us an opportunity to review our soft ball rolling technique that we have been doing on Missy since Nov 09. We were advised the soft ball rolling technique was to be a priority, so with only getting in an hour in per day, there hasn't been much time for the other excercises. Missy continues to wear the machine 6 nights a week. We have seen some further improvements in Missy's balance and increaased definition in her thorax since the last clinic.
So while we are attending the clinic,we will take the kids to Royal Easter Show where we have 7 chooks entered. H-Ho and Missy have already checked out the website to pick some showbags.
So it will be a busy and varied Easter period and are thankful of family and friends who will stay here to look after things.
Some photos show H-Ho technique and when Missy won't let go of her toys to put machine on.

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