Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inclusive Learning Conference - Gold Coast here I come

After attending the Spectronics Conference in 2008 and the fact that Missy will soon be looking to upgrade her current communication device(Dynavox DV4) I was keen to get back to the biannual conference.

The Inclusive Learning Conference(hosted by Spectronics) attracts very highly regarded experts in the field of AAC and it's associated technology, the four days are jammed packed with 7 concurrent sessions running throughtout most of the days, which can actually make it difficult to choose which to attend.

After applying to a couple of service providers for sponsorship to attend the conference, I was successful with a local respite provider who was able to provide the flexibility to change respite to carer education.

Flying and staying with another mum at the venue should make for a great time, while my brain won't get a rest, it will be a break from the day to day rountine of school runs, therapy, homework, cooking and cleaning.

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